Planning Commission

Commission Meeting

The Planning Commission considers matters pertaining to development and zoning within the City and has decision making authority pursuant to the Government Code of the State of California. Appointments to the Planning Commission are made by the City Council following interviews with selected applicants.

Commission Members

Staff: Robert Flores, Planning Official, and Rachel Ramirez, Administrative Assistant

  • Erlan Gonzalez - Chairperson
    Term Expires 03/31/27
  • Ray Baker, Vice Chairperson
    Term Expires 3/31/25
  • Alvin DeJohnette
    Term expires 3/31/25
  • Omar Cobian
    Term expires 3/31/25
  • JoAnn Stephan
    Term expires 3/31/25
  • Daryl C. Terrell
    Term Expires 03/31/27
  • David Zeitz
    Term Expires 03/31/27
  • Nicole Taylor (Alternate)
    Term expires 03/31/27
  • Vacant (Alternate)
    Term expires TBD