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Preparing Pets for Disaster

Every year, natural disasters in California disrupt the lives of thousands of residents. When faced with a disaster, having a plan, and being prepared is the best defense.

In the event of a catastrophic disaster, outside assistance may be delayed for an unknown amount of time.  Pet owners need to be prepared and include pets in the family emergency plan especially when you may be required by local government officials to evacuate.

If you are required to evacuate, take your pets with you. If you are not home when disaster strikes, have a plan in place for contacts with neighbors, friends, or relatives to provide care for or evacuate your pets.
Make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing collars with up-to-date identification in the event they get lost. This increases the chances of reuniting with your pets. Many pets are lost during disasters and are not reunited due to lack of proper identification.

Have several photographs of your pets on your smartphone for identification and proof of ownership.
Keep a copy of your pet’s current vaccinations on your smartphone. Most veterinarian offices and boarding facilities require current pet vaccinations.

Don’t wait until a disaster strikes to have a disaster plan for your pets. Plan for your pet’s care now using the following links: