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Animal Services

Moreno Valley Animal Services offers a wide range of services, including dog licensing. Dogs and cats are available for adoption at the animal shelter for a nominal fee.

Animal Shelter

PetCo Love Lost: 1 in 3 pets will go missing. Register your pet today.
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Get or Renew a Dog License with DocuPet

Moreno Valley Animal Services has partnered with DocuPet to provide an enhanced pet licensing experience for residents. Your pet’s license now includes DocuPet’s free HomeSafe™24/7 lost pet service and designer license tags with personalization options. Learn more

Dog resting on a Kurada dog bed.

Give deserving pets the gift of comfort

Give the Gift of Comfort to a shelter dog or cat. Your kindness will make a world of difference to them! Prices on Kurada dog beds are specially discounted for donations. Items ship directly to the shelter in your name. Donate a dog bed today.


Dog Licensing

All dogs four months and older in the City are required to be licensed.

Get a Dog License

Shelter Clinic

Moreno Valley Community Vet Care is open to the Public for veterinary services.

Learn About the Clinic


Adopt your next pet from our animal shelter.

Get Adoption Info

Lost Pets

The City provides access to Pet Harbor for you to search for a lost pet.

Search for Lost Pet

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) Program

In just eight years, two feral cats can produce 11,000 feral kittens, which leads to overpopulation. The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter's TNR program, which has been in operation since 2015, humanely captures feral cats and conducts spay and neuter operations to reduce smell and noise caused by male cats, reduce rodent populations in neighborhoods, and help control the cat population in Moreno Valley. 

Since the program began, the Shelter has serviced over 2,600 of our feline friends! Moreno Valley provides these vital initiatives so our community and our cats continue to thrive. 

To learn more about our TNR program, call 951.413.3790

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Protect Our Burros

Although they are rugged, strong and can withstand any of Southern California’s weather conditions, the burros face danger every day due to humans. So it’s up to us to protect them.  Learn how you can help — and what to do if you see an injured burro.
Protect Our Burros

Burro with protoct our burros badge


Shelter Services

  • Microchip ($16 total fee)

Help Us!

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter has many opportunities for shelter volunteers and those who would like to help animals in other ways. Check it out...