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Land Development Engineering

The Land Development Division provides engineering services to developers, business owners, and residents.

The Land Development Division oversees programs and services including:

  • Storm Water Management Program – Provides environmental regulatory services related to flooding and storm water quality.
  • Entitlement – Processing of planning development applications, and conditions of approval.
  • Plan Design Review – Reviews all private development projects within the City.
  • Inspection – Performs inspections for all development-related improvements.
  • Support Assistance – Provide administrative services including, but not limited to agreement and security administration, and permit issuance.

Online Service Portal

To view project-related information or upload project files, visit  SimpliCITY , the City's online service portal.

To upload project documents, follow the Land Development Procedure.


Division Contact

Principal Engineer
Clement Jimenez P.E.

Engineering Division Manager/ Assistant City Engineer
Harold Zamora P.E.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a status update on my permit/project?

    You can check the status online through SimpliCITY.
  • How do I get a permit to place a moving pod or temporary dumpster in front of my house?

    • On the Street
      If the pod/dumpster will be located on the street, an Encroachment Permit is required. Apply for the encroachment permit online through SimpliCITY
    • On a Driveway or Yard
      If the pod/dumpster will be located in the driveway or yard, a permit is not required
  • How do I apply for an encroachment permit?

    Please apply online through SimpliCITY.

  • Do I need a permit for a second driveway approach?

    Apply online through SimpliCITY.

  • How long does it usually take to review plans?

    Typically, the review process takes:

    • 4 weeks for the first submittal
    • 3 weeks for the second submittal
    • 2 weeks for the third and subsequent submittals
  • Can Land Development sign-off on the roster for a Building Permit or Occupancy Permit?

    Please send an email to and include the record number. The engineer assigned to the record will respond.

  • Where are the waterlines and/or sewer lines on my property?

    • In the Street
      If the waterlines or sewer lines are in the street, then please send an email to with the request. We will respond within 1 business day. You can also call EMWD at 951.928.3777.
    • On Private Property
      If waterlines or sewer lines are on private property, please contact the Building and Safety Division at 951.413.3350.
  • Questions about SimpliCITY issues

    Please send an email to with questions and we will respond within 1 business day.