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SimpliCITY Help

SimpliCITY's Digital Plan Room is the quickest way to getting your plans reviewed and approved.

Using the Digital Plan Room

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The Digital Plan Room (DPR) provides access from anywhere and at any time through the SimpliCITY portal. SimpliCITY’s DPR saves time and money with these key benefits:

  • Reduces plan review time
  • Eliminates paper printing costs
  • Reduces gas mileage costs by eliminating trips to City Hall
  • Eliminates multiple required paper plan sets
  • Comments and redlines are viewable online

Submission Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when preparing your plans/documents for processing in DPR.


  • Must be in PDF format
  • Maximum file size is 500 MB
  • Do not use encrypted or password-protected files
  • Do not combine plan sheets with supporting documents (reports)
  • Any annotations in the PDF will be removed during the submission process
  • Multiple file types (e.g., plans, structural calcs, reports, etc) can be uploaded at the same time

PLANS (architectural, civil, landscape, etc.)

  • Arrange plans in a landscape page view
    Ensure sheet numbers for each page are consistently labeled for each submittal
  • Generate plans to scale (as indicated on the plan)
  • If possible, please create a table of contents when exporting/publishing to PDF (ex: Use the “Create bookmarks” option in the “Export to PDF Options” settings in AutoCAD)
  • If possible, include sheet titles within a table of contents
  • For revision plans: follow the business process established by the applicable division
  • For building plans: leave the top left corner of each plan sheet blank for approval stamp to avoid overlapping any content

(such as reports, calculations, specifications, etc.)

  • Reports should be uploaded as one (1) combined PDF file
  • Pages may be oriented in either landscape or portrait view (as needed)
  • Do not resubmit individual pages of a report. The complete combined file is required with each submittal.


  • This category is for any plan or document provided for reference only, not intended for review.