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MV PD Safety TipsĀ 

Robbery Safety

Robbery has a high potential for loss of property and personal injury. The following tips can help to reduce the odds of a Robbery happening to you and therefore reduce your risk of injury through planning, training, and preparation.

In the event of a robbery, you must act quickly and calmly. Without preparation, victims tend to panic which causes a loss of valuable time, reduces the chances to recover property, reduces the chances of an arrest being made and could create a situation where people are injured. Your initial reactions immediately following a robbery are the key to solving the crime.

Follow these safety tips to reduce your chances of personal injury:

  • Remain cooperative and calm at all times
  • Remain silent and do as the suspect tells you do
  • Remain polite and composed
  • Announce in advance any sudden movements that you must make.
  • Keep your hands where they can be seen
    Even if you cannot see a weapon, assume the suspect has one and that it is real.
  • Do your best to not cost the suspect time. In a robbery situation time is not on the side of the suspect.
  • Make mental notes of suspect and vehicle descriptions.
  • Never try to over power a robber, chase a robber or use a weapon on him or her.

Immediately call 911 and give clear, articulate information to the
dispatcher. The immediate things that the dispatcher is going to ask are:

  • Suspect(s) descriptions
  • Suspect vehicle description and last known direction of travel
  • Injuries
  • Any weapons that were used.

If the robbery occurs at a business, be sure to activate any silent alarms available and lock the doors after the suspect(s) leave if it can be done safely.

To help prevent a robbery at your business, keep your front windows clear of signs/posters and check bathrooms/back offices before closing.