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Clearing Requirements

Select a property size to see the minimum lot cleaning standards.

  • Less than 5 Acres

    1. All weeds must be abated.
    2. Disking is the preferred method. Disking must fully turn over the soil to bury the weeds/vegetation. Additional disking may be required if soil does not mix with weeds adequately.
      NOTE: Where regulated by the Federal Endangered Species Act, disking is prohibited.
    3. Mowing or weed whacking may be acceptable. Before using either of these methods, you must get clearance from Fire Prevention Bureau. Property that is mowed/weed wacked may require additional abatement if the weeds grow back.
  • Over 5 Acres

    1. 100-foot minimum firebreak along the perimeter(s).
    2. 200-foot minimum firebreak along any residential development.
    3. 100-foot minimum “crosscut” firebreaks applied so that no remaining uncleared portion of land is greater than 2.5 acres.
    4. Multiple parcels owned by the same party must be cleared per guidelines for individual parcel size. Conjoined parcels less than one acre may not be cleared as parcels over 5 acres aggregate.
    5. Additional lot clearance may be required as a result of inspection by the Fire Prevention Officer or the City Fire Marshal.
  • Hillside Residential Properties

    1. Structures must have a 100-foot clearance from any flammable/combustible material or dry vegetation.
    2. Minimum 100-foot clearance from heavy vegetation.
    3. Minimum 30-foot clearance from any mature tree trunk.
  • Agricultural Properties

    1. Minimum 30-foot firebreak along the perimeter from edge of road (may require handwork).
    2. Minimum 100-foot firebreak from improved property.
    3. Crop harvesting should be completed by July 1.

Tumbleweed Abatement

Parcels are inspected to ensure tumbleweeds have been cleared. Failure to remove tumbleweeds will result in city contractor removal and the cost will be added to your property tax bill.

You may apply for a burn permit to dispose of tumbleweeds on residential properties.

Appeal Process


Contact the Hazard Reduction Hotline at 951.413.3381.

You may appeal to the Fire Marshal of the City of Moreno Valley to show why the City should not abate the public nuisance of tumbleweeds on your property.

All appeals must be in writing and filed with the Fire Prevention Bureau within ten days from the date of your Abatement Notice.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is located at:
Moreno Valley City Hall —14177 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley.
The mailing address is P.O. Box 88005 Moreno Valley, CA 92552-0805.

Special Considerations

Note that clearing requirements and abatement notices do not authorize violations of the Federal Endangered Species Act or violations of other state or Federal laws or regulations.

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