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211: Key PointsCall 2-1-1 for non-emergency help

Wondering who provides telephone service to Moreno Valley? How to contact the schools? Commuting information? Then this is the place for you.

  • 2-1-1 is for help when it is NOT an emergency.
  • 9-1-1 is for emergency help.

2-1-1 is a new number but not a new service
The Volunteer Center of Riverside County has provided information and referral to more than 170,000 callers in the last 27 years. Now, instead of having to remember several different numbers, people will need to know just one: 2-1-1. It's an easier connection to the health and social service systems.

2-1-1 is important for Riverside County
Riverside County is large geographically and the population is growing at an astonishing rate. But growth doesn’t alleviate poverty. At least 35% of all calls for help are placed to the wrong agency. Many callers have already dialed as many as six other agencies before they reach one that can help.

You can also access this service by calling 1.800.464.1123

2-1-1 is easy to use
One number. One call. 2-1-1 is a free access, easy to remember three-digit telephone number that enables everyone to access the vital community services they need. It eliminates the need for people to navigate the complex and ever-growing maze of human service agencies and programs. There are thousands of social service programs in Riverside County. 2-1-1 streamlines the process by which people can get the help they need by providing a direct link to the county social service network. This will ensure they can get help the first time they call.

Operated by the Volunteer Center of Riverside County, 2-1-1 does not currently work on cell phones or business lines where you have to dial 9 for an outside line.

2-1-1 is the direct link to social services
If a house is on fire, call 9-1-1. For assistance in finding a temporary shelter after a fire, call 2-1-1. Just as 9-1-1 provides the direct access to emergency services, 2-1-1 provides people direct access to social services such as finding assistance for getting food, housing, drug treatment or help to pay the electric bill.

2-1-1 is a critical information system that assists and supports homeland security and community preparedness efforts. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, the 2-1-1 system proved very effective in states where it had been implemented. By contrast, in New York, with no 2-1-1 service, over 400 hotline numbers were activated, leading to confusion and frustration for those who were in desperate need of help.

For More Information

For more local information call 2-1-1 at (951)686-4402 or email

The Volunteer Center of Riverside County has been serving the Inland area with non-profit services like Inform Riverside County for more than 27 years. Our objective is to connect people in need with those services they require, and to do so quickly and accurately.

The funding for Inform Riverside County and 2-1-1 comes, in part, from: The County of Riverside, First 5 Riverside, United Way, Department of Social Services, and several cities in Riverside County, including Moreno Valley.

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