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Moreno Valley has its own cable television station inside City Hall - MVTV-3. Programming includes City Council and Planning Commission meetings and select special events either sponsored or co-sponsored by the City, a monthly news program, “News Center," and informational videos highlighting city services and programs.

MVTV-3 has a Community Events Bulletin Board, a computerized listing of public service messages, that runs whenever video segments are not on the air. This service is free for government, school and non-profit organizations.

Watch Current MVTV-3 Shows

The MVTV-3 Community Bulletin Board is a computerized listing of public service messages which runs on Channel 3 whenever video segments are not being cablecast. It provides information on City services and programs, along with a listing of community events and services, non-profit fund-raising events, activities, and other noncommercial advertising. The calendar is maintained and managed by the City of Moreno Valley. The Community Bulletin Board is offered as a free public service.

To post a message for your non-profit group's event, use our online form or call MVTV-3 at 951.413.3057.

The Community Bulletin Board is provided as a public service. Therefore, while the City shall endeavor to ensure that messages submitted by individuals/organizations are transmitted accurately and in a timely manner, the City assumes no liability in connection with the Bulletin Board and makes no warranties or representations that any message will, in fact, be transmitted accurately or at any particular time. The City cannot take responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information as submitted (i.e., times, dates, specific locations, name spellings and phone numbers). that responsibility rests with the originator of the information.

To obtain a copy of any program or meeting that aired on MVTV-3, call 951.413.3056. The fees differ depending upon the media. Please note that we no longer accept media provided by the requester.

- VHS Tape: $1
- DVD-R: $2
- CD-R (mp3 audio only): $1

Cablecast on Channel 3, MVTV-3 is provided as a public service to the City of Moreno Valley for local residents, and is available to every cable subscriber in the City of Moreno Valley as part of their basic cable television monthly subscription fee.

The potential viewing audience for MVTV-3 is comprised of over  41,000 households. Survey results show that nearly 60 percent of these households subscribe to cable television.

MVTV-3 was founded by the City Council as a Government Access channel for televising City Council meetings, but has become much more to the City of Moreno Valley and its populace.

In addition to cable casting live City Council meetings, the purpose of MVTV-3 is to cablecast select special events sponsored or co-sponsored by the City (i.e., July 4th Celebration and other Parks & Community Services events, the Mayor's State of the City Address, the monthly news program, "News Center," and other informational programming used to inform residents about City and/or government services and programs. The Council has also adopted a policy allowing for televised political candidate forums during election seasons. During major emergencies and disasters, MVTV-3 will be used to provide direction and information to viewers.

MVTV-3 provides regular coverage, both live and taped, of City Council meetings, which enables citizens with busy lifestyles to remain informed about and participate in the democratic process of local decision-making.

Moreno Valley's Access Channels

There are three channels:

  • MVTV-3 - Award-winning, locally produced government access television coverage of Moreno Valley City Council and Planning Commission meetings, news, information, and public service announcements of City-sponsored events. Available on channel 3 on Time Warner Cable.
  • MVEdTV and VVTV - Educational access programming of the Moreno Valley Unified School District and the Val Verde Unified School District. Available on Channel 16 on Time Warner Cable.
  • KRCC - Educational access programming of the Moreno Valley College of Riverside Community District. Available on Channel 17 on Time Warner Cable.

Contact MVTV-3
Media & Communications by calling: 951.413.3056


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