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Cycle 1 ATP Safe Route to School Pedestrian Facility Improvements

The project proposes to eliminate missing sidewalk gaps at five locations in the vicinity of Bear Valley, Cloverdale, Midland, Moreno and Towngate Elementary Schools, Mountain View Middle School, and Valley View High School. Specifically, the five locations are along

  1. the north side of Dracaea Avenue between Lasselle Street and Morrison Street
  2. south side of Eucalyptus Avenue between Lasselle Street and Morrison Street
  3. south side of Sandy Glade Avenue between Heacock Street and Davis Street
  4. east side of Elsworth Street from Cottonwood Avenue to Dracaea Avenue
  5. the northwest corner of the Ironwood Avenue and Kitching Street intersection

The project receives federal funding under the Active Transportation Program (ATP).

The proposed infrastructure improvements will enhance safety and mobility of students, parents, teachers, and school staff, to walk and bicycle to school. The project will also

  • advance efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • enhance public health, including reduction of childhood obesity
  • ensure that disadvantaged communities fully share in the benefits of the active transportation program, the source of the grant funding

Project infrastructure improvements include sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street lights, pedestrian ramps, drainage improvements, street widening, and radar speed feedback signs.