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Gilman Springs Road Improvements

The project was completed in December 2013 and included the pavement repaving and drainage improvements along Gilman Springs Road, as well as modification to the Gilman Springs/Alessandro Boulevard intersection. The Project was designed and constructed by the County of Riverside as part of its extended Gilman Spring Road Improvements project covering both the County and City’s jurisdictions. The County has taken the lead role in this project partnership with the City to complete the design, environmental clearance, advertising and award, and project contract administration at no cost to the City. The City has contributed $850,000 for the construction and construction engineering costs for the City-owned Gilman Springs Road portion. The project was completed ahead of the schedule and resulted in savings in project budget due to favorable bids were received. The project helps enhancing safety for drivers while extending the service life of the road.

Gilman Springs Rd. Gilman Springs Road