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Station Volunteer of the Year

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2014: Harold Schlef
In 2014 Harold Schlef donated 923 hours, and assisted in the processing of alarm cites. Harold Schlef makes himself available to respond out to critical incidents at all hours of the night.

2013: Karen Walls
In 2013 Karen Walls donated 2240 hours (the equivalent of a full time job), and acted as a point of contact for all of the volunteer corps. She made herself available at all hours of the day and frequently responded to critical incidents.

2012: Jose Valdez
In 2012 Jose Valdez acted as a mobile command Post driver to large events and incidents.

2011: Heidi Moore
In 2011 Heidi Moore demonstrated her dedication to the citizens of Moreno Valley. Heidi Moore worked scheduled events, anti-graffiti patrol, and critical incidents.

2009: Milton Adams
In 2009 Milton Adams donated 783 hours, and assisted in training other volunteers within the Volunteer corps. Milton Adams contributed invaluable assistance in many critical incidents.

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