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Strategic Plan

Strategic plan

The Moreno Valley Fire Department's Strategic Plan 2012-2022 was presented on March 20, 2012 to City Council at a Study Session. This plan clearly defines the mission and goals of the Moreno Valley Fire Department while providing a guide for continuing the excellent services that we provide to the community for the next ten years. Furthermore, this plan contains other essential information for the development of the Fire Department over the next decade including: The Fire Facilities Master Plan, Fire Station Location Methodology, and five key points that the Fire Department will need to review and consider as Moreno Valley continues to grow.

The Moreno Valley Fire Department Strategic Plan is a living document and will be a continuous work in progress.  The plan will guide the Fire Department’s development over the next ten years and will inform the public and its Fire Department members of the goals and strategies that the Fire Department has for the future.  It will also serve as the foundation document for informing City Council as to the direction the Fire Department is headed in order to ensure the community receives outstanding fire protection services.